Do you have kids at home? Is it safe to put a carpet inside? Well, most parents doesn’t want to take the risk of putting a carpet inside their living room, their bedroom or even in any part of the house, this is due to dust and a myriad of allergens that causes mold and fungi. It can serve as a source of allergen for people suffering from asthma.

Having a carpet can be a very good design to beautify the interior of your home, but if you are planning to have it, you should consider putting an air-conditioner in the room just to minimize the dust around the room. Having an air-conditioning unit will prevent the carpet from accumulating dust.


Cleaning the carper regularly can protect you and your kids from allergies. You can have it inside your home, office in your bedroom, wherever you like. You just have to make sure that it is clean and dust-free. Irvine carpet cleaners can keep them clean and all you need to do is visit their website to find what are the services offered available.However, if you are doing it yourself, there are problems that you may face cleaning it, such as;

  1. It can take hours or days to finally dry a carpet.
  2. After cleaning it, you may smell something after drying it.
  3. Expect that the color will run down during cleaning
  4. If you have kids at home, expect that it will get dirty again after cleaning

Carpet cleaning consists of two process; Encapsulation and a Dry Compound. If you are to encapsulate, polymers are used in this process to remove the dirt particles at the end of the process. And to dry compound, they will use sponges to absorb dirt, and removed it by vacuuming.If you are in doubt, you can always be sure to check with your carpet manufacturer.

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